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Mango Banganapalli/Safeda BLR 3KG Pack

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Rs. 507.00

Known for their creamy, rich and sweet taste, our Banganapalli aka Safeda Mangoes have been sorted, cleaned, desapped and cooled before sending them in state-of-the-art containers that ensure they stay fresh on the way.

Average weight per pc
Medium 250 - 300gram
Large 300 - 350gram
more than 350gram

Colour may not be the best indicator of ripeness for all mangoes hence, check for firmness as well. If your mangoes are too firm, leave them in a warm, clean place for some time. If they look ripe and yield to a firm touch, it means they are ripe and ready to eat. Refrigerate immediately and eat as you like!

Buy Mango Sindhura at local stores

Orders typically take 48 hours to reach. 

 NOTEThese have not been sample tested for pesticide residue.