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Gir Kesar Mango Medium NCR

Rs. 660.00

Say hello to the Queen of Mangoes! The real Gir Kesar mangoes are here to brighten your summer days with a bright, saffron hue. These GI tagged mangoes have been transported to you in our custom-made Fresherator containers which keep them fresh and safe from damage.

Healthier for your family. The proof is on the pack!
Our promise to provide you safe to eat fruits means that these mangoes are ripened without any dangerous carbides and are tested for pesticides. Just scan the QR code on the pack to view pesticide test reports and even see the farm where your fruit has come from. Our digital and traceable supply chain makes it all possible!

Average weight per pc: 200 - 300 Gram

📍From Gir, Gujrat

📦Premium packaging to reduce damage

From the best farmsTested for pesticides
Safe to Eat

 Scan the QR code to view test reports




Colour may not be the best indicator of ripeness for all mangoes, hence, check for firmness as well. If your mangoes are too firm, leave them in a warm, clean place for some time. If they look ripe and yield to a firm touch, it means they are ripe and ready to eat. Refrigerate immediately and eat as you like!